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How to Become a Amateur Skater!

Most  kids these days use skateboarding as away to get out of the house and do drugs or other bad things, but some of us want to do it for the rest of are lives. Say like Nyjah Houston the worlds best PRO SKATER. He had to put in the work to become the best in the world, and it wasn’t easy!skate

Kids think that SKATEBOARDING is extremely hard to do and their right it is very hard to do, but if you put your mind to and you practice every day for the next month you can possibly do tricks like kickflips, ollies, heel flips, and even tre flips.  Fun Fact: Do you know that pro skater get paid 500k – 10 million dollars a year! I know that’s crazy! Here are some amateur skateboarding tips!

  • Never give up when you try something in skateboarding.
  • All pro’s  fall more than they land the trick.
  • Always believe in your self!
  • Skateboarding will never come easy you need to deal with the pain and just do it!
  • Pain is when you know when your are getting better!
  • Skateboard for fun!

Okay let’s get down to business , the real way to get to the AMATEUR level is to have a social media account like Instagram and show your SKILLS OF SKATING on there! Another way to become sponsored or a amateur skater is to find a company you want to be on skate2and create a very good sponsor me video and send it to the company and their is a 50 percent chance that you could get sponsored by the company you want if your sponsor me video is very good with good street clips! If you don’t succeed don’t break down and give up keep on going and don’t give up, because if you do you can miss a opportunity that was going to come in your future life time.  so if you don’t get that sponsor its’s okay if you keep on skating some company will approach you and possibly make you amateur or even pro! Well my dude’s don’t give and keep on skating every dang day if you want to BECOME A AMATEUR SKATER!